Thursday, January 30, 2014

Welcome! Today's Hebrew lesson; The "Dagesh".

Welcome! Today's Hebrew lesson is a review of the "Dagesh".
The Dagesh is a diacritic dot placed inside a Hebrew letter that modifies the pronunciation, turning a "B" into a "V", a "P" into an "F" or a "S" into a "SH".

Like vowels, You will almost never see the Dagesh used in day-to-day situations (like newspapers) and will just have to learn how to properly pronounce words through lots of experience.

ך ם ן ף ץ Yesterday; the final forms, or "Sofeet".
ב בּ כ כּ שׁ שׂ Today; The "Dagesh".

** Tomorrow we review the whole Hebrew Aleph-Bet **

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